Poetry for me is like the air you breathe, it’s my everything. See I am culture. What do you see when you look at me? You see the obvious things. I am a human being. I am a phenomenal woman of color. Defined by your eyes. What do you see? Am I black, brown or caramel? Can you tell? I’ve just shared with all of you an excerpt from this book Bandages of Bondage, Lord unravel me! I’ve invited you to take a look deeper into me as I share victories through testimonies. I’m going to remain in a state of transparency. Because I believe in telling the truth and my nakedness will expose me yet set someone else free. A price worth paying for a savior that saved me. You will understand why I write and the transformation it has bestowed upon my life. It is the method in which I fight, supply healing and give life to someone in the same or similar situations providing them an escape. It is a constant reminder to them that it is never too late to be redeemed, delivered, and restored. This is an open invitation, my gosh it is my declaration of independence, life and liberty. No longer bound I’m free. Join me!

Culture for me is whatever I choose it to be. It’s not this neat little puzzle piece. You can’t fit me into your depiction of whom or what I am to be. You don’t hold my destiny or the keys to determine which path I’ll reach while traveling the road of recovery. My cultural biography is poetry.