Born and raised in Chicago, IL. My very first address was,970 N Cambridge, Cabrini Green was where my dreams began. It was during those intricate times I caught a glimpse of what it meant to be a part of a community, to be surrounded by people who genuinely loved me. It was then that my eyes would be opened to see an amazing culture so rich and full of infinite opportunities to grow and soar despite the disparities. It was then that my biography was being written and now the story is being released I entitled it My Cultural Biography.

My Cultural Biography is poetry. I represent an expression that is unique. No one thing can contain or explain the dimensions of my very existence. I’m infinite in structure it makes my counterparts wonder how I survived. How I managed to stay alive in the midst of chaos, traumatic loss deemed a member of a part of a population that’s labeled a lost generation of people. If you don’t believe me turn your T.V. to your local news and you will see images that reflect blemishes, scars, hurt, pain a society that is inhumane. Anytime you can take a life and justify your actions as right. I’m sorry. No wait pardon me, for speaking what I see as if you don’t have eyes like me. The poetic piece was designed for me to give an account of my cultural biography. This is not a Picasso, yet I know I’ve painted a picture, tattooed an image, captured your hearts, your minds and tapped into your souls. See, we all got stories that are untold. My cultural biography is poetry. It describes you, it describes me.